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The history of any group or company must be something, where the coming generations can take proud on achieving the milestones and if we talk about Shalex Overseas then we can boast off endless accomplishments achieved by the founder member who started this venture with a very modest beginning of starting the trend of disposable protective apparel with hand stitched two layer nonwoven face mask. Whilst we have come a long way from these humble beginnings to become the international business we are now, the commitment of our people to our customers, the quality of our service and our spirit of innovation remain a constant and ongoing feature of our development.

A fact that we want to communicate is that The Medical Fraternity is serving the community saving lives. They put their every  effort  to  save  lives, without even thinking of the risk factor posed by the secondary infections which can be passed to them during Surgical Procedures. Hence, it becomes our duty to safeguard their lives also. We firmly believe that Protectors must be protected. With this initiative to serve the Medical Fraternity we have designed our mission and vision comprising 3H- Three Horizons- HONORING HEALTH ‘N’ HYGEINE.

At the heart of our business are Our Core Values and our principles. Who we are, how we work, what we believe in and what we stand for all are defined by our values. We are guided by these values only for how we treat people and how we want to be treated, thus enabling us to take firm decisions.Our core values are driven by a desire to improve life, achieve excellence and operate with the highest standards of integrity.

We at Shalex Overseas are engaged into manufacturing of scientifically enhanced Protective Clothing in disposable as well as reusable segments for the following:

  • Single-use Surgical Products
  • Multiple-use Surgical Products
  • Customized Operation Room Packs
  • Industrial Wear
  • Hospitality Linen
  • Agricultural Clothing
  • Spa & Salon Consumables
  • Tailor Made Clothing

Shalex is value driven, time proven, reliable, transparent, clear and performance-based. We provide our customers with the best results to get the most out of your time, energy, and resources. Putting our experienced leadership and trained staff on the ground locally enables us to facilitate and organize in new regions and markets.

Few of the most critical factors that determine an organization’s growth are its ability to retain its efficiency levels, nurture its resources and continually focus on overall qualitative & quantitative improvements. We regularly adopt modern manufacturing techniques to ensure that we continually upgrade our infrastructure and capabilities to deliver world class products and services. From methods such as inventory control, production control, flow control, manufacturing resource planning, we have been creating our own standards of quality and excellence.

MAP, short for Management and Performance, is the Group-wide framework we use for managing our business. MAP focuses on the key drivers of our performance. Underpinning this is our People MAP which focuses on continuing to develop our people to be the best in our industry and ensuring they have a strong connection to our strategy, understand how they contribute to our success and are motivated to deliver for our customers. MAP is fundamental to driving consistent performance across the Group and the discipline it brings to the way we run the business. MAP continues to be embedded deeper in the organisation.

"We are using single-use and multi-use products of Shalex Overseas from years. They have been instrumental in providing us Uniforms which match our corporate identity."
Rashmi Goenka


"Really impressed by the range of OT Scrubs. Comfort & Safety with style is what I can say about all the products manufactured by Shalex Overseas."
Dr. Subhash Khanna

Founder, Swagat Hospitals

"I just wanted to thank you for the impeccable service of Shalex Overseas. Our team loves the uniforms for comfort & style. Made to size option is what I like best."
Dr. Anuradha Bhanot


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